Can we show love like The Father?

I know God loves us. He loves us the way we are, the way he made us.  He loves even our brokenness.  And thank God, He does.  We are all broken and therefore we need God.

The amazing thing is that we can love each other.  As a human being I have the uncanny ability to recognize and point out others’ faults, all the while being so far from perfect.  We hurt each other, sometimes on purpose, and yet we can become divine in love and forgive or put some else’s needs first.  And love, again, again and again. We can do this by following Jesus’ example. The reason why we can do it is because God gives us the power to do it.

It’s a supernatural thing.  It’s like one person summoning the strength to lift a car off an accident victim.  God sends the Holy Spirit to change our hearts of stone.  He uses His power to help us make the decision to love.  But the decision to love is ours.  God does not force us to love. Like a parent He shows us the right way to love and let’s us make our choice.

God bless.