What’s my job?

God has a job for all of us. He calls us to do His will in a specific way. But it’s even more then that. We are fashioned by Him to do “our” part. No one else can do our part. We were made for it, it’s our purpose here on earth.

Some of us are fortunate and in God’s time he reveals our calling to us. He speaks it to us and we know in our heart of hearts what to do. Some of us pray for His will and patiently, or impatiently, wait on His answer. Others aren’t listening or refuse to answer. And then sometimes He hits us right between the eyes.

So many “jobs” go unfulfilled because even if someone else wanted to, they couldn’t do our job. It’s like trying to put a puzzle together and just jamming the pieces together even though they don’t fit.

Imagine a world where everybody answered The Call. Everyone working to bring never ending glory and praise to our all deserving God. Spreading peace, comfort and joy. Someday, someday. This I pray.


I don’t decide

We don’t get to decide who deserves God’s love, mercy or grace.  God’s love for us is unconditional. He doesn’t dole out forgiveness based on what we have or haven’t done. His grace is an undeserved gift.

So here’s a question: If I am His hands and feet, if am supposed to be Jesus to His children here on earth, do I have the right to deny anyone His blessings?  If I am charged by God to love His people, can I decide who those people are? The answer is no. Jesus gave us a commandment, to love each other. Now it doesn’t matter if I like a person or not. It doesn’t matter if that person has harmed me or someone else. It doesn’t even matter if they believe in God or not.  I have to love everyone, I have to give them hope. I must share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  There are no limits to God’s love. I need to keep it that way and not put restrictions on it by judging who is worthy of His love.