So dark

Its been a dark time as of late; Americans being beheaded, Robin William’s suicide, a local police officer was shot and killed, a local leader and business owner’s plane malfunctioned and he and his wife died in the crash. And today is the anniversary of 9/11. Some are horrifying acts of violence. Suicide, a person so hopeless and in pain that they can’t stand to face life anymore. Still others just senseless accidents with no rhyme or reason. The list goes on and on.

We see video images of some of these incidents, the human condition at its worst. Portrayed on TV and social media we see the worst of mankind. It seems our whole society is falling apart. There is no respect or caring for another human being. Yet when I look and listen closely I see the human spirit at it’s best. In these times of great shock or despair we have some ray of hope and we start to pick up the pieces and move forward.

When I am in conversation with people or listening to someone talk on the radio or read a post on Facebook I hear about individuals doing great things. I hear about parents with gravely ill children that smile at work and help their coworkers. I hear about people traveling to dangerous areas of the globe to minister to the sick or poor. People working soup kitchens, giving away their fortunes, committing themselves to a life of service to God or being a friend to those who have none.

We can’t deny that there is evil in our world and sometimes unexplainable tragedies. Our media sensationalizes the worst of our society but the overwhelming majority of people are good and decent. Some individuals are amazing and inspiring examples of how we should act.

I think God is once again trying to show me that we are all connected. We need to communicate with one another. We need to share our lives with others. We should ask for help when we need it. We should tell stories about our trials and how we came through them or how someone helped us through them.


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