Here I go again

I can’t believe I forgot You again. I had to be reminded that you are here with me. If God is for us whom can be against us. Overwhelmed and stressed out I couldn’t see the light. A fellow believer spoke the truth.

She told me her favorite song that helps her through when times are tough. “His eye is on the sparrow” I forgot I had it on my phone, a version by Audrey Assad, it’s beautiful. He broke through the darkness and touched me. I realized that Jesus, God of the universe, sees me struggle and weeps for me. That’s how he cares for us. Not as a group of followers but individually and personally, all at the same time.

I wish I didn’t forget this all the time. I pray to Him all the time but sometimes I forget the truths of His love and grace and mercy and faithfulness. I could save a lot of time by remembering to trust in Him.

I saw a cartoon that expressed His intimacy with us. It said: “God…..well, you know, Amen.” Honestly, He already knows and cares.

Thanks Rachel for lifting me up. I love you.


Patient and faithful God

I had a conversation with a friend of mine last night. I hadn’t seen him for a long time. He has been away at seminary. We talked mostly about God calling us to a vocation. We talked about how humbling it is and a heavy responsibility. We talked about the persistence and persuasiveness of God and if you won’t listen he gives you a firm whack with a 2×4 to help you along with the process.

On the way home I heard “Lord, I’m Ready Now” by Plum. That lyric “Lord, I”m ready now” struck me. You would think that it’s a bold  statement to make to God. The audacity of telling God the timing of His plans for our lives. Here’s where the message lies. This statement speaks to God’s patience. It speaks of His unconditional love for us. He continues to show His trust for us by waiting for us to to say “yes”, to be willing to yield to Him. God is all powerful, He could make us do His will if He wanted to, but He doesn’t. He loves us so much that He respects our right to  say “no”. Wow. He yields to us. The God of the universe waits on us and when we turn to Him, He runs to embrace us.

We are so blessed to be called Children of God.

May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace.