Hate the sinner?

We are all together on this journey called life. We need each other. And when we’ve fallen down, as we all have, we really need a friend. Not someone to necessarily “take our side” but someone to walk with us. 

I think this is what Jesus called us to do.  When we are asked to love and honor our parents, we comply. When we are asked to love our neighbor as ourselves we do it, as long as they haven’t offended us. But when are asked to love our enemy, we draw a line in the sand. We don’t even think, “I can’t yet but I will try to get there someday.” 

What if that person committed some heinous act against another person? What if the victim was a child? What if everyone said they did it and they deserve to be locked up or killed? Society says you can’t stand with that person because you’ll be “choosing sides” but is that what Jesus said? Are we supposed to love only the brokenhearted and not the broken?

We talk about the sanctity of life. We talk about showing everyone dignity. But then we tell our God that we will only dignify those we judge worthy. 

The world tells us we should judge  discriminate, marginalize and exile. And we justify our actions or inaction by human standards. We use our humanity as an excuse and say it is not possible for us to love this one or that one. We think, “God can’t expect me to live up to that standard.”

We love our children because they are ours. God loves us all because all of us are His children. I think God’s example is the one we should follow. I think this is where we truly transcend our humanity and claim our divinity, created in the image and likeness of our God.