Here I go again

I can’t believe I forgot You again. I had to be reminded that you are here with me. If God is for us whom can be against us. Overwhelmed and stressed out I couldn’t see the light. A fellow believer spoke the truth.

She told me her favorite song that helps her through when times are tough. “His eye is on the sparrow” I forgot I had it on my phone, a version by Audrey Assad, it’s beautiful. He broke through the darkness and touched me. I realized that Jesus, God of the universe, sees me struggle and weeps for me. That’s how he cares for us. Not as a group of followers but individually and personally, all at the same time.

I wish I didn’t forget this all the time. I pray to Him all the time but sometimes I forget the truths of His love and grace and mercy and faithfulness. I could save a lot of time by remembering to trust in Him.

I saw a cartoon that expressed His intimacy with us. It said: “God…..well, you know, Amen.” Honestly, He already knows and cares.

Thanks Rachel for lifting me up. I love you.