I wrote this April of last year, I didn’t finish it and its been sitting in my drafts folder.  I guess this is the time to share it.

We are all broken.  Everyone of us.  The people you see at work, the people you drive by, family members, people at church, people at the store, all of us. Physical ailments, disabilities, loses, disconnection from God, inaction, family troubles are all reasons we are broken. The list goes on and on. There is so much pain in this world. Its staggering, unfathomable and heart breaking.  The Good News is Jesus was born and died to save us from sin and death. And He wants a personal relationship with each one of us, not just the ones “doing it right”.  He receives us as we are, broken.

Some people don’t even know they are broken, some won’t admit it, others are paralyzed by fear.  Some of us act out because of it; arrogance, ego, false pride, etc. Some people accept their situation for what it is and get up every morning and smile. I think a lot of us know we are in pain and we hide it and tell everyone we’re “fine”.  We think “I’ll handle this, I don’t want people to think I’m weak”.

Jesus can use our brokeness to help others. It’s hard for us to see our own way out of our problems, concerns or situations. Usually we need a guide or just a small ray of hope. We can do this for others.  When you see someone who appears to have it all together its hard to imagine that they have or have had struggles. Sharing our pain and imperfections with others builds a connection and that can know they are not alone.

You never know where help may come from, keep your ears open to hear your message.  My wife and I listen to Christian music most of the time. (If you haven’t listened to it lately give it a try, the artists are so talented and it sets your spirit right.)  We are humbled, encouraged and inspired by this music daily.

Don’t believe the lies the enemy tells you.  You are holy, righteous and redeemed.

You are more than the choices that you’ve made,
You are more than the sum of your past mistakes,
You are more than the problems you create,
You’ve been remade.


Patient and faithful God

I had a conversation with a friend of mine last night. I hadn’t seen him for a long time. He has been away at seminary. We talked mostly about God calling us to a vocation. We talked about how humbling it is and a heavy responsibility. We talked about the persistence and persuasiveness of God and if you won’t listen he gives you a firm whack with a 2×4 to help you along with the process.

On the way home I heard “Lord, I’m Ready Now” by Plum. That lyric “Lord, I”m ready now” struck me. You would think that it’s a bold  statement to make to God. The audacity of telling God the timing of His plans for our lives. Here’s where the message lies. This statement speaks to God’s patience. It speaks of His unconditional love for us. He continues to show His trust for us by waiting for us to to say “yes”, to be willing to yield to Him. God is all powerful, He could make us do His will if He wanted to, but He doesn’t. He loves us so much that He respects our right to  say “no”. Wow. He yields to us. The God of the universe waits on us and when we turn to Him, He runs to embrace us.

We are so blessed to be called Children of God.

May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace.

God can do for us

We received some sad news last night about a local resident who had been very sick. It really sunk in today. It’s times like these that I see the stark difference between joy and pain. So much deep hurt. How can we ever feel relief? I know God is the answer. Eventually we will recover with His help over time.

But how will we feel joy again? When we be able to laugh again without feeling guilty? What do we say to the family and friends to console them? How do we make sense of something so senseless and unnatural?

The human mind has defense mechanisms. A mother forgets the pain of child birth and looks forward to the next birth. We forget the heart break that takes our breath away and we let ourselves love. Our love ones pass away. We never forget them but we learn how to live our days without them.

I never thought I would feel sad for other people in pain. I was always so self absorbed, only sad about things that effected me personally. My heart breaks now when I see others in pain. I want them to feel peace and comfort. I want them to know that God loves them and Jesus wants to heal their pain. It’s the truth. It’s hard to hear when we’re so low. Maybe it’s too hard to believe, too good to be true. But God’s power and love is bigger than we can imagine.

Feeling close to God

I think the first place I fell in love with was Hyde Lake in the Thousand Island region of New York. My grand parents had a cottage (trailer with an enclosed porch) there when I was young. It was a small lake in the country. A campground sat at the north end and the rest was dotted with cottages. Almost directly across the lake from them was a cliff 20 or 30 feet high with a rock ledge that stuck out that you could jump or dive off. The cottage was on the west side of the lake and the sun would rise over the trees on the cliff. Some mornings the lake was so calm it looked like mirror and would reflect the image of the cliffs and trees. So beautiful.

We would catch fish off the end of the dock, go swimming, catch frogs and crawfish for hours. Grandpa would bait my sister’s hook with a worm he had jus bit in half.  We would go for a boat ride and wave to the other people on the lake. They would ride by slowly pointing and staring at Grandma and Grandpa’s cottage with a tree growing out of it. We would go to the farmer’s stand and buy 18-24 ears of corn for 7 of us. Everywhere we went there were people calling out, “Hi Dot and Tony!” My Grandma would talk to the animals and put peanuts between her toes and the chipmunks would come take them. Grandpa would filet our perch and small mouth bass and cook them in the campfire.

It was so quiet and peaceful, away the busyness of the city. Everything seemed to slow down. I know it was vacation but it seemed like you had all the time in the world.  You saw so much of nature. The air was fresh and clean and the stairs were so bright. Life was stripped down; sleeping, eating, playing, spending time with people you love and that love you. It felt like a safe place to be yourself. I didn’t think about being close to God there. I wasn’t really in tune with that as a child. But I’m sure now, that was a part of it. It helps us to hear God’s voice and realize the beauty of the world around us.

Maybe that was the reason it felt so special.  Today when I see beauty in nature, I think of our Creator. There are so many different ways to experience God; a bird’s song, a sunset, the stars, rolling hills or the vastness of the sea. Sometimes I just stare out, in awe and wonder, at nothing in particular.  How did this all come to be? What an awesome, powerful and loving Father we have to have given us this world.

I started out writing about God and nature and it turned into reminiscing.  So many places over the years have been “God’s country” to me; camping different places and things we’ve seen in our travels.  The top three are Hyde lake, Camp Koinonia and our current home in Livingston County.  I always turn to praising and thanking God for creating these beautiful places and allowing me to experience them again and again.

What’s my job?

God has a job for all of us. He calls us to do His will in a specific way. But it’s even more then that. We are fashioned by Him to do “our” part. No one else can do our part. We were made for it, it’s our purpose here on earth.

Some of us are fortunate and in God’s time he reveals our calling to us. He speaks it to us and we know in our heart of hearts what to do. Some of us pray for His will and patiently, or impatiently, wait on His answer. Others aren’t listening or refuse to answer. And then sometimes He hits us right between the eyes.

So many “jobs” go unfulfilled because even if someone else wanted to, they couldn’t do our job. It’s like trying to put a puzzle together and just jamming the pieces together even though they don’t fit.

Imagine a world where everybody answered The Call. Everyone working to bring never ending glory and praise to our all deserving God. Spreading peace, comfort and joy. Someday, someday. This I pray.

I don’t decide

We don’t get to decide who deserves God’s love, mercy or grace.  God’s love for us is unconditional. He doesn’t dole out forgiveness based on what we have or haven’t done. His grace is an undeserved gift.

So here’s a question: If I am His hands and feet, if am supposed to be Jesus to His children here on earth, do I have the right to deny anyone His blessings?  If I am charged by God to love His people, can I decide who those people are? The answer is no. Jesus gave us a commandment, to love each other. Now it doesn’t matter if I like a person or not. It doesn’t matter if that person has harmed me or someone else. It doesn’t even matter if they believe in God or not.  I have to love everyone, I have to give them hope. I must share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  There are no limits to God’s love. I need to keep it that way and not put restrictions on it by judging who is worthy of His love.

Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven

Just found this in the parking lot. Some say that those on the other side can move small objects in this world. So I take these as little “hellos” or reminders from people that have gone to heaven.

I always pick up coins and check the date. Sometimes I see it’s significance. This year was a dark time but I was saved from my despair by the time the year was over. I had no idea that it was darkest before the dawn. I could not imagine my life as it is today.

Thank you Jesus for saving from myself. I could not change on my own. Four words saved my life “God, please help me.” In that moment of surrender He changed my life. I can never repay you no matter how hard I try. But that doesn’t matter to you. Your grace is an undeserved gift that you freely give to us because you love us more than anything.